૧૦:૧૦ Press. London.

A micropublishing press run by Sofia Amina.

A Lancashire-British-European born, Gujarati-Hindustani, working-class Muslim woman.

This all began from a desire to read and write a language I have spoken most of my life.

The aim is to create unique projects which are close to my heart.

The first will be an anthology of Gujarati poetry and short stories written by women with its English translation. The anthology will also include illustrations and artwork by women of colour.

The next will be a graphic novel or a comic book or something along these lines, in English. Depends on what I find. And yes, by women of colour. 

After this some limited editions of poetry, experimental words, photography and art by artist of colour.

Apart from the point above, I am going to publish via a print-on-demand service. Insha'Allah, this may change one day. As a woman from a working-class background, this is the only viable option to generate books away from the mainstream.

I will not be practising age discrimination. Because you are over 30 does not mean you have stopped artistically expressing yourself. Actually, the older, the better.

Also for the final project listed, the submission will also be open to female artists who are from a white working-class background. Yes, from my experience and observation, the white working-class are marginalised

The above has come about as a result from the research and development grant given by The Arts Council England. Thank you ACE, x