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A micropublishing press run by Sofia Amina.

It all began from a desire to read and write a language she has spoken most of her life.




A printed anthology of Gujarati poetry written by women with its English translation

Please share and tell your mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, aunties, nieces and friends.

I am excited to announce this call for submission for Gujarati poetry written by women with its English translation. The anthology will also include illustrations and artwork by women.

This is a personal project which is very close to my heart and it will take place under ૧૦:૧૦ Press, and assisted by a good female friend, a Gujarati, living and working in Gujarat.

This is a self-funded project and therefore the anthology with follow the normal procedure (ISBN, etc) and will be published using two separate print-on-demand services, which will suit the price structure of the Asian and Western markets. A book should always be affordable, no matter where it is going to be printed.

There is no theme, the subject matter for the poetry or the illustrations and artwork can be about anything and there is no fee to submit.

If you are unable to translate the poem, I can arrange this for you.

As this is a project funded by myself, I cannot offer a fee to those poets and artist published in the anthology.

Please submit up to a maximum of 3 poems and/or three artworks. All work submitted must be your original writing or artwork and must also be previously unpublished. This also excludes any work published on social media sites. Please submit all poems/images in one Word/PDF document, Double spaced, 12-point and title the file as follows: Last Name_First Name_Genre (poetry/art).

All authors and artists retain the rights to their work and simultaneous submissions are allowed, but if your work is later accepted elsewhere, please do let me know.

I have no style or length requirements, but shorter pieces tend to get more love.

I welcome submissions from anyone regardless of their age, race, religion or ethnicity.

All poets and artist chosen and printed in the anthology will receive a complimentary copy.

Not all submissions are guaranteed acceptance into the anthology.

Please send all submissions to submissions.1010press@outlook.com

The deadline for submission is 10 March 2019.

The above has come about as a result from the research and development grant given by The Arts Council England. Thank you ACE, x