૧૦:૧૦ Press. London.

A micropublishing press run by Sofia Amina.

It all began from a desire to read and write a language she has spoken most of her life.


Submission open ONLY for specific projects as listed on this website.




૧૦:૧૦ Press aim is to pay 35% of net proceed to its writers and artist. For the anthologies, the 35% will be divided amongst all the contributors.

Anthology 2 (tittle yet undecided)

 ૧૦:૧૦ Press will be creating a series of anthologies about Brown. The Brown experience, Brown history and Brown power. Each anthology will be themed and will include poetry, rap lyrics, haiku’s, illustrations, graffiti art, a few essays and a few pages of a graphic story.

It is great news to state an essay, a short graphic story, a few poems and a graffiti art work has already been commissioned..

To be clear, this call is for published or unpublished writers and artists of colour, whose roots originate from a South Asian country.

To be artistically active seems to be only for the young and this needs to change. This submission call will mainly be read by the younger generation and the request is for this generation to spread the word  to the older generations or collaborate with them.

The theme of the anthology is the relationship between you and your mother’s (or father's/ancestral) tongue. The poem can be written in English or your ancestral language, but please submit a translation/reflection of the poem in English. The poem can also feature words using your ancestral language.

The poet can also submit their own illustrations/artwork or collaborate with an artist. 

Poems in a language/featuring words from a South Asian country will receive more love.

Visually, the words should be harmony with the illustration/artwork, therefore I am requesting the illustration/artwork be in black and white.


The deadline for submission is 2 May 2019.


The submission window may close early, depending on the quality of the submissions received.  

The reason for this tight deadline is because I am aiming for the anthology to be ready before Eid ul-Fitr. This is probably not an industry standard but it makes commercial sense to me. The anthology will then be promoted during other religious festival where gift-giving is a tradition, and then through the normal routes such as events, book fares and festivals. There is  a plan to also promote and advertise through social media, newspapers and magazines.

The aim is to create this anthology every year with a different theme and the announcement for the next the submission for the next anthology will be on 10 January 2020.

Please submit up to a maximum of 3 poems and if you want to, their corresponding illustrations.

All work submitted must be original and must also be previously unpublished. This also includes any work published on social media sites. Please submit all poems and illustrations in one Word/PDF document, Times New Roman, double spaced, 12-point and title the file with the poets name as follows: Last Name_First Name

Also include a short bio of no more than 50 words and the social media handle if you have one.

The size of the anthology will be 6 x 9 inches.

This a self-funded project and therefore I cannot offer a fee to those poets and artist published in the anthology. One complimentary copy of the anthology will be given to each published writer and artist.

I welcome submissions regardless of your age, race or religion.

Not all submissions are guaranteed acceptance into the anthology and there is no fee to submit

Please send all submissions to submissions.1010press@sofiaamina.com with the subject as Anthology 2.

All authors retain the rights to their work.




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