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The anthology will not be themed and will include poetry, rap lyrics, haiku’s, illustrations, graffiti art, and a few short stories.

I am uncertain how many submissions I am going to receive.  Gujarati is a language spoken by many people, but many cannot write or express themselves artistically through it, especially outside of India. I am hoping to put out this call for submission and the anthology on a yearly basis.  So, even if you are not ready to submit this year, start practising for next year.

A note on style, content and your individuality. Your individuality is important. I do not want to read poetry with clichés or anything about the moon. Content is entirely up to you, but please make it original.

Please also include your social media handle.

Translation: Only under exceptional circumstances will the selected submission be translated to English by ૧૦:૧૦ Press. When submitting, please submit both the Gujarati and English translation.  If the English translation/version is not attached, please state the reason why. 

If work is submitted without the English translation and a reason is not specified, then it will be rejected without being read.

This anthology will be sold to the international market, especially in the UK, and therefore the poets own translation in English is crucial. 

The translation will be completed by an unpublished writer based in Gujarat, India.


A printed anthology of Gujarati poetry and short stories written by women with its English translation

Please share and tell your mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, aunties, nieces and friends.

I am excited to announce this call for submission for Gujarati poetry and short stories written by women with its English translation. The anthology will also include illustrations and artwork by women.

This is a personal project which is very close to my heart and it will take place under ૧૦:૧૦ Press, and assisted by a good female friend, a Gujarati, living and working in Gujarat.

This is a self-funded project and therefore the anthology will follow the normal procedures (ISBN, etc) and will be published using two separate print-on-demand services, which will suit the price structure of the Asian and Western markets. A book should always be affordable, no matter where it is going to be printed.

The size of the anthology will be 6 x 9 inches.

Also, as it is a self-funded project, I cannot offer a fee to those poets and artist published in the anthology. One complimentary copy of the anthology will be given to each published writer and artist.

I welcome submissions from anyone regardless of their age, race, religion or ethnicity.

Not all submissions are guaranteed acceptance into the anthology.

Please send all submissions to submission.1010press@sofiaamina.com


The deadline for submission is 10 April 2019.



Poetry and Short Stories

There is no theme, the subject matter for the poetry and short stories can be about anything and there is no fee to submit.

I have no style requirements, but shorter pieces tend to get more love.

If you are unable to translate your poem or short story,  I can arrange this for you.

Please submit up to a maximum of 3 poems and they should be no longer than 40 lines

Please submit up to a maximum of 3 short stories and I will consider 100 to 4,000 words in length..

All work submitted must be your original writing and must also be previously unpublished. This also includes any work published on social media sites. Please submit all poems or short stories in one Word/PDF document, Times New Roman, double spaced, 12-point and title the file as follows: Last Name_First Name_Poetry

All authors retain the rights to their work and simultaneous submissions are allowed, but if your work is later accepted elsewhere, please do let me know.


Illustrations and Artwork

Please submit a link to your portfolio or submit upto 3 images. I will then review and let you know if you have been shortlisted. Once the poems or short stories have been selected, I will contact the relevant illustrator/artist and commission the art work based upon the writing.

Not all shortlisted artist are guaranteed acceptance into the anthology.

All images submitted must be your original work. Please title the file as follows: Last Name_First Name_Image.

All artists retain the rights to their work.

The above has come about as a result from the research and development grant given by The Arts Council England. Thank you ACE, x


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